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Welcome to A Coffee With!

Some time ago I had the idea of interviewing people I’d met via social media since I moved back to Melbourne in April 2010. Since that time I’ve met loads of people, many through social media gatherings and catching up with folks. I’ve found ‘social media’ to be really ‘sociable media’ and it’s allowed me to learn much and meet some great people, many of whom are now close friends.

I like meeting people and I find people fascinating. We all have our own stories and insights, experiences and reflections. One constant I’ve found with the people I’ve met is their respective interests in sharing ideas through social media and a willingness to share their learnings. A Coffee With is simply about chatting with people I’ve met and who I find interesting. They all have unique perspectives and were good enough to spend time chatting – so thank you to my guests!

In Series 1 meets people who’ve I’ve met or connected through social media. As it turns out, the strong theme which became apparent as I invited the people to be a guest was writing and content. These people all share a love of the written and spoken word and are exceptionally strong communicators in their own right.

If you’ve an idea of someone you think would be great for me to have a coffee with, drop me a line!

Warmly – Jeremy Irvine


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Jeremy Irvine

I'm a Melbourne-based government relations and media executive with a love of talk back radio, podcasts, and the media. I founded sports opinion website The Armchair Selector and have interviewed people such as Gideon Haigh, Peter Lalor and Gerard Whateley, and Chris Rogers. A Coffee With is my podcast interview series.

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