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A Coffee With…Brenden Wood

Brenden Wood and James Manning present one of my favourite podcasts, Mediaweek Australia – so I was keen to invite Brenden, who I’d connected with on Twitter, on A Coffee With. Brenden also works on MMM Sydney and has an extensive radio career that covers many markets and started out with Brenden doing work experience at high school at his local radio station.

Our chat is about a shared love – radio – and podcasting. What I’d framed for a half hour chat went for over an hour (thanks for your patience Brenden!) and we discuss a range of people and topics including two standout Mediaweek podcasts – Craig McLachlan and Bevan Lee; as well as 2UE and what Brenden would do with the station. We also chatted about Brenden’s use of social media, radio in Sydney and Melbourne, a newsagency blog, NRL 101 from a referee for this Victorian, and a natter on Ten’s new Wake Up show.

There was also phone call from league legend Mark Geyer, and we conclude with the Skype link going offline as Brenden walks outside with his laptop and phone to show us the Sydney sky with the fires (the ep was recorded on Thursday 17 October).

This is a rollicking chat and one I really enjoyed.

Follow Brenden on Twitter: @BrendenWood and @BrendenWoodTWO; and check out MMM Sydney The Grill Team on Twitter and Facebook.

Brenden’s coffee: He doesn’t drink coffee…!

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