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A Coffee With…Dylan Soo

Dylan Soo is a great friend of mine who I met a few years ago as we travelled on our respective holidays traversing Canada by train (all 5,800 kilometres from Vancouver in the west to Halifax in the east!).


These days he’s based in Whitehorse, Yukon where he manages a number of hotels.

Dylan reflects on life being onsite for work 24/7, in Canada’s largest northern city (of 24,000), where you need to keep your cars warm (why?) and his role as a roller derby referee.

Originally from Vancouver, Dylan is a keen ice hockey fan and, as I discovered when I caught up with him for a few days in Canada a couple of years ago, knows his food scene in Vancouver.

You can follow Dylan on Twitter (@dbsoo) and check his blog (including some stunning photos of Yukon and a couple of he and I on a very long train trip!) here.

Dylan’s coffee: Green tea.

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