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A Coffee With…Greg Young

Greg Young and colleague Tom Meyers started the Bowery Boys podcast on a whim as a fun project during the summer of 2007. According to their website, they both had some amateur radio experience in our past (Greg in college in Missouri and Tom in high school in Ohio), and they’d talked for years about producing some sort of fun New York-related radio show. When Greg purchased a new laptop in 2007 that included “Garage Band” (an audio editing program that makes podcast production possible), they decided to give it a whirl and recorded our first show with a cheap karaoke microphone that Tom pulled out of the closet.

Greg and Tom have been recording the Bowery Boys Podcast since 2007. As of April 2017, there are more than 225 episodes available as a free download through iTunes and many other podcast streaming services. (Read more about how to listen to the show.)

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