VISIT The Armchair Selector,

About the podcasts

Some time ago I had the idea of interviewing people I’d met via social media since I moved back to Melbourne in April 2010. I’ve found ‘social media’ to be actually ‘sociable media’ and it’s allowed me to learn much and meet some great people. I also chat with people I know outside of social media, too – mixing it up a bit!

I like meeting people and I find people fascinating. We all have our own stories and insights, experiences and reflections. One constant I’ve found with the people I’ve met is their respective interests in sharing ideas through social media and a willingness to share their reflections. A Coffee With is simply about chatting with people I’ve met and who I find interesting. They all have unique perspectives and were good enough to spend time chatting – so thank you to you all!


Audio imaging: Scott McArthur and Garth Hodgson


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